Replying to Eambo his topic was closed!

_Please do not report players on the boards. These posts will be deleted and no actions taken. Boards are for player to player interaction primarily, and nobody on the boards can assist with reporting. We advise you utilise the end of game report function to report players. You won't always get a notification when a player is punished, so don't use this as a sole indicator of whether an action was taken! For privacy reasons it cannot be exposed whether or not a player has been punished in all cases - the notification only shows for a small portion of actions taken by the automated systems._ (@Eambo) Well my man,you advise us to use the end of game report function to report players which sadly that`s a slow step,closing an eye over the other,let`s remember this is bussines for you guys and it`s a `pleasure` for us as gamers (for some of us,no longer for me,which i keep deny but i want to see changes in this game) the game it self is broken so this reflects on community and it will reflect until you guys do something with these crazy 4ss dmg in the game and with this differenc between the champions,some of the champions are literally either banned 100% in lower ello either not even worth to pick bcs the game is broken as hell then don`t expect to see shiny things in the community if we know what the problem is,let`s solve it before anything else!
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