What kind of human beings exist in this game?!

"Abandoning a match or being AFK results in a negative experience for your teammates, and is a punishable offense in League of Legends. You've been placed in a lower priority queue." 1. I was not AFK. I just went to support my toplane instead of my botlane. 2. A 'negative experience for your teammates'? As opposed to two of my team flaming constantly (i.e. my ADC), telling me to die among other things (and my family, WTF? What kind of person does that?!)? Yeah, I think Riot need to revisit the 'report for AFK' thing. It's not really right that one should be banned/placed in a lower priority queue for AFK just because teammates report you for it, when the actual game shows otherwise. Also, they need to revisit their definition of 'negative experience', because I am pretty sure toxic language and flaming is a far more negative thing. Apologies for the rant, but when one tries to be a decent human being to a bunch of strangers, it's frustrating when you're the one who is punished.
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