I was threatened with rape and after I reported them I don't get the notification

Last match and the flaming had already started in champ select. {{champion:223}} took umbridge with our jungler taking {{champion:11}} saying that Yi is a noob champion. They were throwing abuse at each other the whole time, whilst I was mid as {{champion:268}} vs {{champion:8}}. I've never fought Vlad and I'm still new to Azir, so I wasn't doing well. Yi called me a noob during a gank, so I stuck up for myself, telling them I'd never fought him. But then he crossed the line too far. During a ganking teamfight I was separated from him and the team by trying not to be killed by enemy {{champion:245}} and {{champion:44}}. Yi was killed and typed in chat: "Azir if I catch you I'm going to f-ck you hardly" I've been flamed, told to go kill myself, but never in 3 years have I been threatened with rape. If that isn't bannable material I don't know what is. We managed to scrape a win and Yi got an S rank for all his flaming, even {{champion:223}} started acting all buddy-buddy with him, telling us to honour him because he got an S! I reported him but received nothing to say they'd been punished. He said he didn't receive a chest, so perhaps he has been restricted before, in which case he hasn't learned anything! Especially if this so-called human being thinks its okay to threaten rape so easily! I want something to be done about it, but I don't know how to do this.
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