Can people start accepting their mistakes?

So i played a game with kha and i tried my absolute best to win cause i made a lot of mistakes in my past games and i wanted to improve them. So the game start horribly my team is feeding like usual and i started to shake cause i thought i would lose.As the game game continues and the enemy has succesfully killed every inhib got baron and most of the drakes instead of inferal that i stole my team was just way to negative everyone expect from my riven wanted to surr and they were blaming me for the lose "0 GANKS' 0 DRAKES' '0 TURRETS''REPORT THIS JG'.So i just mute them and continue to play with the riven. During mid game the enemy started to celebrate their win (typical silvers) and just flat out gave us kills they went 2v5 1v5 etc and generaly did dumb stuff so i managed to get fed of that same thing with my riven.So after that on late game we DESTROYED THEM they had elder and baron and we won every fights 3v5 2v5 5v5 no problem so we ended up winning cuz i managed to get reach the back line and kill everyone. My problem is that everyone said 'gg kha' 'nice game' (the enemy team) and my team still kept flaming me i told my lucian that his a good player but his mindset needs a change and to stop tilting so much and he said 'i f*** your mother' and am like DUDE I went 27 / 6 AND LITERALLY 2V8 and won you a game while u stayed afk in the base farming and he doesnt have the dignity to say "Thank you"? he literally said "You are gold and you play that badly" OH do you play better? this kids are ridiculous...
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