From Honor 5 to Honor 0 - How league made me a bad player to have on your team.

THIS WILL BE A LONG TEXT. And I am not putting a tldr at the end, so either read the whole thing, or just skip the post =) I haven't been active on the boards here for a long time, and I just wanted to share my frustration and how League changed me as a player. I am pretty sure that a lot of you are very frustrated too, and I am completely sure that some of you will have problems with my ultimate solution for my frustration. It is what it is :) A years ago, I was the ideal player: only said positive things, glhf every single game, didn't flame, didn't afk, never FF, constantly watched guides and news about meta, followed challenger streamers, practice on training mode, watched my vods, pro games, used mobalytics to set goals for myself like cs, damage and objective control,would spend around 10-15 euros a month in skins and events and was very up to date with the north american, European and Korean pro play. I was gold 2 and Honor 5. I was very happy with myself! Then season 9 kicked in.. I am not blaming season 9, but that's when it all went down for me: I couldn't play the game anymore. Literally half of my games had trolls, afk, or someone who just doesn't know how the basics of the game works. I hadn't seen that many bad players since I started playing the game 3 years ago. And the trolls. OMG the trolls. I was actually sending tickets to riot to report players since I would get the same troll 2 games in a row. It was literally the most frustrated I've ever felt towards something that ultimately doesn't matter, like a video game. Toxic people, afk, just bad players in general with iron-like macro, supports that wouldn't even buy support items, troll picks like WW adc, people raqequitting after first blood. It was chaos. I tried to keep the "There is no elo hell" mentality, and how I could improve myself to influence the game more, but I just couldn't do it: I am not a great 1x9 player. I am an average gold player, so if there is a troll on my team, I can't carry. I don't get S+ every game and I'm just not good enough at the game. I am not a Challenger YouTuber otp katarina who makes a video about a 30-win-streak and can solo carry most games, then says "See? there is no elo hell! just ward more, win your lane and extend the advantage to your team." or some vague general useless advice like that. I was gold, and very comfortable with my skill level. Would never drop to silver, but never climb to plat. And that was fine. I just wanted to have nice games, winning or losing, where I could enjoy the strategy and make plays, and improve as player. That became literally impossible. Every game I was just hoping not to have trolls or afk on my team, or people who would play ranked games with no knowledge of their champions kit. I had Ornns that didn't know you are supposed to hit R again to redirect the bull, Jannas who didn't know you need to stay still to make your ult heal, dravens who didn't know they needed to catch their axe (i am serious) and le blancs with no idea how her W works, so on... So I just felt completely impotent. I would win lane on most of my games, but coudn't counter a massive feeding botlane, a troll or an afk. And that's because I am not that good at League. I know that. I would win games, but mostly because someone on the other team was being a troll or just throwing the game, and I would lose games for the same reason. So I and started with passive aggressive toxic behavior. I started being toxic little by little, but after like 3-4 weeks of games that I would win lane but was unable to counter afks, rage quitters and trolls (again, I am no Jankos), I just started going berserk with CAPS LOCK ON. I was never offensive or used hate speech. Just passive aggressive flaming, yelling and begging adc's to please stop feeding so much. But yes, very toxic. So toxic that I went from honor 5 to 0, and got a 14 day ban for "unsportsmanship". The thing about being toxic is that you bring more toxicity towards you, so It's a spiral. I was toxic because I had experience with toxic players, then I would lose more games for being toxic, and would get more frustrated and toxic, an endless cycle. Then I stopped caring. Completely. I had to shift my mentality towards this video game because it was making me angry and frustrated even in pre-game lobby. So I decided not to care about winning, improving or climbing anymore. That simple. I was a main jungler, now I play only ranked games in Mid with a fun champion like akali, zed, zoe, Le Blanc, qiyana or whatever I feel like just to have fun. I suck at those champions, I usually lose lane and I don't care about cs that much or warding, and I play a lot of my games specially on weekends "not completely sober". And it's been great. I mute all every single game and if there is even one toxic ping like spamming ? on top of me, I full mute pings too. It's a different and peaceful experience. I actually am less aware of trolls and toxicity, so I am having a better experience. I haven't read patch notes in over months, never would I spend money again in a free game just for aesthetics, and I honestly don't remember the last time I went on training mode or watched a guide about something. I would watch maybe just the finals of championships now if that even. I I use to play league almost every day for like 2-3 hours, now I play it like 5-10 tanked games a week and I am having fun. I still prefer ranked games because I enjoy the try hard mentality of the teams even though I don't play like that at all, and trolls still bother me, so in ranked they are less frequent than normal games. And if I identify a clear troll or ealry afk or rage quit, I go afk too. No problem, no stress, I go play something else. I don't go afk too much though to avoid leaverbuster, but I figured that if I do it like once a day or so, nothing happens. Or I just go brain afk (just farm lanes or camps mindlessly, go make myself a cup of tea or something, waiting 3-4 minutes in base). I mean, I don't troll or int, I just play to have fun. And if the game is getting stressful because of trolls, I just stop playing it. I have no obligation or commitment at all in playing matches until the very end if I don't fee like it. It's simple. As for now, I admit that I am not a good player to have on your team, since I play ranked games without caring about winning, or strategy, I am often not completely sober if I'm playing on friday/saturday, I do not pick champions that I am comfortable with, and I am no mid laner at all. But the game changed me, and I am fine with that. It's a video game, and I am having fun. I will keep playing League because I like the game, I just don't care about the whole "take the game seriously" like I did in the past. And I will keep playing ranked because I have more fun playing against people who are trying hard. In a more mature and polite community, I would love to grow and help the community, and would feel bad about being part of the problem now. But that is not League, and I grew tired of it. Trolls will troll. Ragequitters will ragequit. I am not a god at the game, or not even great so I can't win games or even have fun if there is an afk or troll. Bottom line is. for me, personally, in my opinion, League is just a video game and don't think it should be taken seriously like your work, love life, friends or helathier hobbies. I've never taken legend of Zelda that seriously, for example. If it is frustrating you, either play it like I play, or just play something less frustrating like WoW, Overwatch, pubg or fortnite. For all of you who are dead serious about becoming great, climbing and were like me a year ago, you might dislike the way I play the game now, and that's fine. To each their own right? If riot was really concerned about people who play the game like I do now, maybe I'd still care about it, but it is what it is. Part of me is a little heart-broken with the game since I really enjoyed taking it seriously, but a larger part is relieved that I don't have to go through the frustration anymore. Maybe in the future if something change, so will I, but for now, I'm just enjoying playing Akali mid without any worries. I just wanted to share my personal experience with the game and its toxic community, and how it changed the way I feel about it. Peace out, and have a great day.
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