I got a question. help xD

Short story is I have honor lvl 0 atm (just got it a couple minutes before creating this) and why do I have that thing, well... Had an adc who was doing something but looking at his screen at first minute, we got invaded we all died and all that stuff and when he came back he got mad, actualy extra mad tbh O.o and decided to run down mid lane and die the whole game under enemies turret... I tried not to say anything because I know how the system works, riot rather punish those who complain about who trolls and ints than those who actualy are trolling and inting. System sucks imo but that's not what I am here asking. Thing is eventualy I got pissed off with that guy who kept doing that stuff and just flame the hell out of him telling him to not play the game and all that stuff. But never said anything like %%% or anything similar. That I am sure I never did and never will. My question is... how the heck do I get out of honor lvl 0? it says it's locked. How do I unluck it? Like do I have to go through checkpoing 1 2 and 3 before honor lvl 1 or what? ._. Plus is it even possible to get back on honor lvl2 since I am a support player and we all know the support players are not respected so they never get honored? honestly the only people who honor me are my adc's ._. everyone else honors my adc's xD
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