What should I do ?

Tbh I'm not sure why did i make this post this long ,_, Also sorry for any mistakes and the way i write, it probably will be weird to read all of this. And I'm not certain if this is the right place to post it, It sort of goes under the behaviour, but kind of feels odd to post it in here. So, this season I'd like to start climbing ranked matches with my previous season main pick. But here comes the plot twist: What i've been using to climb to gold is Xerath support, I've ended up with 67% winrate in 79 games ( info from op.gg ). The thing that blocks me from doing so is the community, I remember people flaming me in champ select, banning my champion. In game adc would run it down, go afk, trash talking... you know, eune at it's finest. Should I just play with something else, like "NoRmAl MeTa SuPpOrT ChAmPiOn" let's say Thresh, and support random ADC who will in most cases flame me for not dying with him in a hopeless situation, without having a way of really doing anything else than cc and warding, and not destroy my mental health already in champion select, or should I just get depression by playing the champion i feel good at and actually be able to decide about the match. Also don't give me "support can win a game" crap, if the adc can't even farm and dies the dumbest death possible it's impossible to do anything in a long run, you would be forced to stay with adc and hope for a miracle, or go help top/mid which in almost every single case will spam you with "?" ping or make new ocean with his toxic tears. Damage dealers like Xerath, Brand, Zyra have possibility of doing good on their own. It's true that they don't grant any utility. but what do you need utility for when the enemy is constantly getting poked and is at 20% hp most of the times.
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