How are players that refuse to communicate getting punished? (if at all)

I've had enough of this mute all - ignore all pings - don't work with your team - if something goes wrong its not my fault - attitude. At one point this community decided to completely stop communication in an attempt to avoid becoming toxic and to avoid getting triggered and recieving punishment. But this is not the solution. I can't enjoy this game anymore when I have absolutely no means to communicate. It makes laning as soloQ support complete shit. So if I make an angry comment or if I am sarcastic after multiple pings that my adc ignored, mutiple attempts of reaching them through the chat, this is just my last desperate attempt. Ok fair enough I am chat restricted after almost reaching the last honor check point from being chat restricted like 1 year ago. Now i honestly don't care anymore. I learned my lesson that communicating never pays off, trying to find synergy with your team mates doesn't pay off, it's completely unrewarding. So what are we gonna do to convince players to interact with other players more? I am always thinking for me and my adc. I know all match ups. I know what I can do in a match up and what I should avoid, I have expectations ok? I see no reason why a completely passive ADC who doesn't make any meaningful decisions beyond standing on one spot and taking cs, could not at least follow some pings. But this is the sad reality, my duo parter just shits on absolutely everything and all the tactical consideration just goes "poof". Like at least 50% of my game go like that. I am doing everything I can to get an advantage in lane and my adc ignores my pings, doesn't move from his spot 200 units behind our minions. I don't understand it, how can you be so deaf? No reaction to anything. Sometimes they %%%% up so bad by refusing to cooperate with me, that I see myself forced to roam, to snowball another lane and create pressure that the enemy team has to react to and then the fun part starts where you have a 50% chance that other lanes without having any insight of what happend bot also either attack me for roaming or the adc for "sucking". Wtf, this isn't what I want, don't you get that I am just trying my best to win? THis isn't League of Legends anymore, it's League of reports, League of who are you and what are you doing on my lane? League of what do you mean "teamwork"? League of Stfu. This is incredibly frustrating and unenjoyable. These kind of situations are creating more toxicity. Ignoring your team is asocial and it has nothing to do with being honorable. Think about that. If you go into a match muting all pings and the chat, then just uninstall the game instead.
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