Can please RIOT make short video about REPORT system?

Beacause I think the word "report" is the most used word in this game, and most of the people using it are clueless when they should report someone, and maybe by flooding the system with false reports they make it less reliable. A few usual cases that I think should be focused on: - KS - it happens either intentional or mistake, but it happens, regardless, should KS be reportable? - Not helping jungle ganks when he dives for no reason with low hp - Not helping jungle get his 1st camp - Farming jungle while team is fighting - Building non conventional/meta items - Playing Soraka Top Lane (non meta pick) - Losing as soraka top lane 0/10 in 10 min., not beacause soraka wanted to feed, simply wasn't a good pick against the matchup - Losing 0/10 on 10 min, again, not beacause the feeder wanted to feed, just happen... to get a better enemy, better jungler, roaming support, whatever - Taking farm as support This are just a few reasons, I'm not saying is nice to take farm as support, or play soraka top, etc., but are those actions reportable? Beacause it seems to me, there is no were in the section after the game ends, you can click on, to report a suport that ks or took farm, or a non meta pick, or.. or or. I really really really think, RIOT should make a video, it dosen't have to be a long one, just short with "YES that is reportable", "NO, that is not reportable". Thank you!
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