Hello riot? Can you stop punishing players that play by the rules?

It has been a known issue for quite a while, but somehow still no solution has been implemented... People pick pure troll picks (such as zilean with ghost+cleanse in the jungle) in the ranked just to make other people dodge. If you then dodge (which is obviously the best option if you want to play an actual game of league) then YOU get punished for queue dodging, with no way of reporting the troll. Please fix this shit. Edit: Here's a solution: As I said, it's not that hard.. Just add a dodge-and-report option in the lobby. Reports can be checked automatically or manually (by either riot employees or a selected group of player volunteers supervised by riot). Like I said.. the whole point of these trolls is to make it clear that you will lose the game, so the argument that "if someone decides to play an off-meta pick that the team disapproves of using, they should get kicked out and reported" makes no sense. There's a very big difference between an experienced taliyah player llocking in taliyah jungle with smite, or a jungler first-timing taliyah in ranked and saying "let's lose" in the chat. Everyone can troll in game, but Ithis thread is about the seperate, easily fixable, problem of people holding the champion select hostage.
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