I got a 14 day suspension for no reason whatsoever. The report said that my behaviour was abusive. But the reason I did say something out of the norm was because a caitlyn trolled and started taking all my jungle camps. I'm sorry if I said anything that might be insulting or unsportsmanlike but that caitlyn got my nerves. It will be appreciate it if i get this ban taken out, Thank you for listening, SyrianRefugge This is the chat from this game: Game 1 Pre-Game SyrianRefugge: top SyrianRefugge: jng In-Game SyrianRefugge: hard pull red plz SyrianRefugge: plz SyrianRefugge: plz SyrianRefugge: I KNOW SyrianRefugge: are you serious SyrianRefugge: ty SyrianRefugge: 4 the pull SyrianRefugge: appreciate it SyrianRefugge: thats what you get SyrianRefugge: cant even do that right SyrianRefugge: you must be such a fucin %%%%%% irl SyrianRefugge: your parents must not love you SyrianRefugge: hey i have a dog SyrianRefugge: come here SyrianRefugge: fk SyrianRefugge: you win SyrianRefugge: and trolling SyrianRefugge: dont forget SyrianRefugge: jesus SyrianRefugge: im bad SyrianRefugge: report caitlyn int and troll SyrianRefugge: ty SyrianRefugge: 2 mins SyrianRefugge: but plz SyrianRefugge: report cait SyrianRefugge: shut up SyrianRefugge: you are the one thats going to say no SyrianRefugge: ik SyrianRefugge: 5 SyrianRefugge: but im pretty sure your age isnt above 14 SyrianRefugge: i havent vote yet SyrianRefugge: look SyrianRefugge: 3 SyrianRefugge: 2 SyrianRefugge: 1 SyrianRefugge: :) SyrianRefugge: just report her SyrianRefugge: ty SyrianRefugge: 21 SyrianRefugge: hey guys dont forget to report cait SyrianRefugge: ok SyrianRefugge: but cait also SyrianRefugge: fk u SyrianRefugge: now we are playing SyrianRefugge: fk this guy SyrianRefugge: well jkeep playing SyrianRefugge: just for you SyrianRefugge: %%%% off SyrianRefugge: let this game as long as posible SyrianRefugge: gg Post-Game SyrianRefugge: dont forget to report cait
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