I'm done with league after 3 years of playing it

Well...it was fun till it lasted...not the last 2-3 weeks unfortunately Placed in bronze 2 this year...was placed in silver 3 the first time and bronze 2 the second (ended season in silver 5) i started bad this year and i got demoted in bronze 3 almost 4 immediately...then i started finding good teammates and winning almost every single match till i got to bronze 1 with 50 lps...then it happened...every match...EVERY SINGLE match...at least 1 afk or 1 troll or 1 feeder...i was tilted...the matches where my teammates were doing good I was the one feeding...and when i finally was doing well...others wouldn't...ended in bronze 2 again...i was afraid of dropping even more...so i decided to play some normals...it went even worse i feeded again and again...stopped playing for some days...returned and still couldn't do well and when i could there we go again with 2 afks...stopped playing for some days again but still when i returned i found nothing more than flamers...stopped for a week and played some overwatch...and found out there are no flamers afkers or toxic people there...i found just one in 2 weeks of playing and all the team immediately shutted him up ending in a victory :D...still i wanted to give lol a last try...played 3 matches...the enemy team DESTROYED us 3 times spamming lvl 6-7 emotes and laughing at us while my team was flaming at each other again...the lossstreak has a arived to 15 not counting bots games and 2 games where we won in a typical 40-5 game -.- I know everyone will say i'm just a bronze guy who doesn't know how to play...others will say i should tried duoing...i did it with a friend we had a 100% winrate in the last season and helped each other climbing back to silver...this year he got even more unlucky than me and he couldn't win for the same reason and he's still in bronze 4...when we played toghether we couldn't carry our 3 teamates and lost almost every single match even toghether...even after having a 100% win rate in 13 matches last season and that's it...i'm done with league..i had my good and funny moments and all but i'm just done with these kind of people...just sad about those 30-40 euros i spent on skins for champ that were nerfed right after i bought them -.- i'll just go playing some overwatch Thx to all the nice and good players that i found in these 3 years and bye :)
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