Is the reason behind a report like that reasonable?

To start it all off, it was a month ago that I was first banned. It was for 2 weeks and the reason was toxic behavior. The ban was reasonable and after spending the time banned I can see that I really have to watch what I do, so I won't get reported and banned again. And due to being banned, I've started getting quite scared of getting reported. But as it seems even being friendly and doing your best is not enough. So as a person who really does his best to have fun in League, I sometimes decide to try something new, usually playing with my premade occupying bot lane and usually doing quite well. It happens very rarely that I try doing anything like that solo, but I just had a strong urge to play Garen all of a sudden and didn't manage to get top or mid. So naturally my wish for playing Garen didn't die off and I decided to go play him as an ADC. After locking in, I naturally got flamed and assumed to be a troll, but someone decided to go Ashe, saying that HE is going to be the ADC. I of course kindly rejected the offer of being support, and decided to share the farm. As the game began the Ashe flamed me a bit and then stop talking. We were actually doing pretty good, winning bot lane, with having a 60%-40% farm distribution (60% for me). After dying for the third time, the Ashe decided to go AFK on the team, even though there was nothing wrong, the whole team was doing good. After some time of persuading him to come back to the game, mind you, none of us were toxic to him, he finally got back into the game. He tried to split push, died a few more times and got mad yet again. Amidst all of that, the whole team was doing incredibly well, I was one of the core players of the game. As it continued on, Ashe failed to rack up a solid amount of farm and ended the game with a bad score, meanwhile everyone on the team supported her (verbally), and weren't toxic to her no matter what. We won the game with 2 S grades (one of which was my S+). After we won the game, Ashe decided to report me, not even specifying the reason and if I remember correctly blaming me for his shit score and his inability to do anything in the game, accusing me of trolling. While the first part of it may be correct, I never trolled nor griefed his game nor lane, and let him split push and farm in peace. So based on all of that, I would like to hear your opinion on if the report he submitted is reasonable and if it'll be taken into account, while reviewing all of the reports that I've gotten (if that's how the report system works) Looking forward to your opinions, thank you for the help!
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