Never Playing Jungle Again...

Got a chat ban, but more importantly my honor dropped... why? because I have a voice and opinion against a toxic team who say "just blame the jungler" because I cant be in every lane at once, farm and stop them from dying. Its hardly fair if 4x gang up and report a player. pretty sure that's why Flex doesn't allow teams of 4. Whats worse is the chat logs shown for my ban are not even offensive! I merely argue the same my defense and a few opinions on their terrible play. Meanwhile I regularly get told to die in RL usually with some homophobic or racist remark, frequently enough that these people aren't being punished or its not enough to prevent it! What is the chat function even for if to not discuss and communicate about the game? Also there is a language filter, I don't swear much and nothing offensive but why put a filter option in and then punish people for bad language anyway? So apparently there is no way to appeal this... I also like the way they serve you your chat log but not what the other people are saying. Sometimes you may see a justified response! MUTE ALL FROM NOW ON. SO LONG JUNGLE. AUTOFILL?... DODGE.

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