Being Toxic VS Being Troller/Feeder

I don't understand why so many posts arguing about the report system get downvoted so quickly... I mean... We should argue about things that are wrong right...? Like these 2** BAD?** diferent attitudes I had for example... With this thread, I just wished that the report system could be a little fair... Banning the typical _Attitude 2_ when actually there is some help winning the games, but the _Attitude 1_ it's kinda of a "meh" when these ones are those who ruin the game... Take a look... or not... //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _Attitude 1 - Troller_ November of last year, I remember I was tilted with SoloQ... So instead of trashtalking, I decided to troll 5 games in a row doing troll build plus, I was afk all game in my lane... I participate in some teamfights anyway but yeah... **didn't got banned or didn't got any type of behaviour alert and didn't do sh*t to help these 5 teams!!!** //----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- _Attitude 2 - The Slightly Toxic Guy who just wants to win the game_ With attitude number 2, without any behaviour alerts, **I was banned** for slightly trashtalking in some games, when deeply what I really wanted was that player "X" thought better in his decisions so we could win the game... Also, I was helping the teams getting the win in all games, you can see that by the KDA's...
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