Ruined Promo by Riot

After 5 wins in a row.ALL I GOT IS A COMPLETELY SAME GAMES wheres my team just literally feeds before minions.And all got is a absolutley discusting games with zero chances. Thats all i get for trying to win?You forcing us to play with players who had wintrates bellows all common sense,who just spam the fk up my chat making me be toxic too,because i cant stay muted when this animals not even int games,they tryina to screw up my. Im so mad right now on you Riot games.You had this system before i even start to play,but with this client and games bugs game just became unplayble. If u ban my account(that never get even a warning for 5 years) for a ll toxic stuff i said until this games happents.I never come back in this mess again and make sure,that my friend did it too.
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