Why didn't I get chat restrictions or a warning before the 14-days ban

So I had a great win streak, it's the first time in years im playing rank seriously and I had a fizz on my team who went into their turret and stood still, feeding their diana on purpose, at first i said it might be lag, but no, he was just having fun trolling, I called him a "pos" and some other stuff in romanian (he was also romanian and started talking the same shit I was telling him) and then after this game I get banned for the first time in my life for 14 days and this fizz, who I reported, gets nothing (I asked a friend to look at his profile and he was still playing today). So it goes without saying that I feel the ban itself is really unfair but I have no idea why I was directly banned instead of something else, I didn't use any racial or ethnic slurs, I just used the good old f-word (EDIT: by f-word I mean f*ck not the other one)
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