Yesterday u just got banned for 14 days , just becausw i was talking and 1 time said "how in fcking hell im going to smite while this facking w of veigar deals kind 1200 dmg" I got a friends account to play , and today after just talking and just because asking from enemy teams to report a teamate, i got 10 games chat ban. No blame no harrasment to others just say for example " better jungler wins , or smthibg like this jubgler is ridicuilus bad" Your systems. I hope someday exept of this game die, i really hope all riot workers wont ever find any job or accomplise anything in their life. You did this game totaly bullahit. You cant even talk because kids , morrons gays trance and womens wont feell bad if you tell them they are bad or doing something wrong. You guys burn in hell together wirh those this is a wish. Facking stupid company
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