Does the "Message Box" when reporting someone even matters?

//I dont know the exact words anymore, so its only a "memory story" >" %%%!" >"I will gas you all!" >"you have to die or i will die" >"Antaljya will find you!" >"No one can bann me, i am riot myself" >"Give me your account information and i show you ****" >Ascii spamming Racistic Symbols in chat with boxes (ā–ˆ-ā–ˆ-ā–ˆ). >telling the enemy team when we doing drake/baron/where our jungler is Reported a person few days ago. Today i checked opgg/history and the person still playing... Does Riot/League dont bann players anymore, cause the overall playerbase from League of Legends decreased? Or whats going on? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
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