This is my goodbye

Today I got permabanned. This is my second permaban. First one being the summer of 2017. I lasted long but eventually succumbed to toxity once more. Just like last time I lost a lot of money worth of skins. But this is ok. While I am feeling incredibly sad and angry, I feel like this is for the better. I will not be coming back. I loved this game with all my heart, been playing since season 2. But I realise now that every time I start playing, when I stop I feel worse than I did when I started. Today I was even driven so deep into depression that I wanted to actually get drunk for the first time in my life. I am not gonna start this game again because I know how it will end. I will get addicted, I will invest money, I will flame and get banned. I wont play online games at all anymore because all they do is fill me with rage. I know I will never be any good at this game because I played for 6 years and my peak rank is platinum 3. I was actually looking forward to position ranks and how fun it will be. I was also making my way towards popstar kai sa prestige edition. But none of that matters now. I hope my life will become better when I cut this toxity out of my life. I wish all the best to you people. It was a fun ride. Farewell An addicted gamer
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