I will delete this game because of instantlocker

I just finish my last game a few minutes ago and decide to delete the game. I have to say LOL is a good game but ruined by its bad operation. There are so many instantlocker here and no matter how hard I tried to report them, they didn't care a shit because they know Roit will do Nothing to stop them. Just as my last game, I was the 1st top and {{champion:122}} instantlock (name: [redacted]), I said I will report him, he and his friend Yasuo mid (name: [redacted]) mocked at me and said they will report me instead as they were the majority!!! To win this game I even made compromise as a jung (which I am really bad at), and they said they had more reasons to report me now as I troll. At end of the game he told me: report you mother F" again. This game is so disappointed now and I will delete it and I think all of you should do the same thing. Because the Roit never care about the experience and feedback of the player. I take my time to report the player to make the game better, but Roit do not care at all. the eff9ort you put in this game to make it better is meaningless. What they do care is make new nasty skin to make more profit. After this game, I report no one anymore, just delete my LOL. (is there anyone knows how to post the picture, I have screenshot our conversation so I can show you how they mock at me and this stupid reporting system at game and said "hello" to my mom after the game :D).
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