Why should "I Agree"? EXCUSE ME?!

**Hey,** So today I played some ranked games and suddenly my internet wen't down _**because some incompetent fool from an energy company in our area managed to somehow cut the %%%%ing internet cable while they were doing some maintenance work on their own grid.**_ {{champion:62}} I was out of internet for like 7 hours after this incident and of course when I got back in the game I got "LEAVERBUSTER WARNING" asking me to write "I Agree" that I will not leave a game in the future.{{sticker:sg-shisa}} _**EXCUSE ME?!**_ How the %%%% can I guarantee that some monkey brain moron will not do that again or how can I guarantee that my internet will not go down while I am playing for reasons that are totally out of my control? {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Excuse me, but I don't think that LEAVERBUSTER is something that should actually even exist, making you eligible to get banned essentially for your internet provider or some idiotic moron mistakes from IRL. **There is NO WAY for Riot to tell** who leaves a game from **frustration/RQ **_or_ for **reasons that are OUT OF HIS CONTROL!** making this(LEAVERBUSTER WARNING) in my opinion an abusive measure to punish people that might not even be doing anything wrong. I think Riot is taking banning accounts to lightly in a way and should revise their policies on account banning and player punishment at the same time with more transparency so the community knows better what's going on and what is being done to reduce toxicity while at the same time not make it so you can lose your investment(account) for reasons out of your control. **And for those people who think Riot does NOT ban enough people and punishments should be more harsh** I say to you: think of all you invested in your account, time(for LvL and grind LP) and money (for skins or for some of you out there eBay/elo boosting&lt;<i>>) and ask yourself: "Would I really feel like I've been treated fair if I'd lose all my investment after getting banned for a random DC that was totally out of my control and when in fact my provider was to blame?" **In the grand scheme of things losing a game because you had someone AFK in your team means nothing compared to losing your account/getting banned for getting DC from a provider issue. (+ we all know that people who are actually toxic and AFK in games because of RQ will just dance/move in fountain avoiding LEAVERBUSTER all together {{summoner:21}} while still being AFK and screwing up your games.**{{sticker:sg-syndra}}</i>
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