Mistakenly automatically banned

Yesterday, I played a nice game and after game I received my permanent ban. I was like wtf did I do? I literally didn't do anything ban in that game. Around a month before, I got banned for 2 weeks for saying "%%%". In my last game yesterday, I had an opponent who told me "%%%" and said that he will report me after me and my teammate killed him. Then in my team chat (it was twisted treeline, and both players were my friends) i said that he told me "%%%" and said that I'm gonna report him because I got banned for that around a month earlier. He reported me and the system found that I said "%%%" again, but it wasn't aimed at anyone. I just said "he told me to %%%, im gonna report him if that got me banned as well". That got me a perma. Game 1 Pre-Game Joza100: i have lets meow on the friendlist too Joza100: hi Joza100: i will pet you // I said I will pet you as a joke cuz he had in his description "inv me, pet me." I didn't mean anything offensive and we are friends. Joza100: but i didnt inv you Joza100: but still Joza100: i can play velkoz maybe Joza100: can i velkoz Joza100: yeap Joza100: indeed Joza100: oh well didnt really expect vayne Joza100: but ok In-Game Joza100: man you shouldnt have taken vayne // here i wasnt toxic. I just said my opinions that i thought that vayne wasnt so good for twisted treeline Joza100: fr Joza100: lol gj Joza100: cant dodge Joza100: lol Joza100: gosu Joza100: that flash Joza100: gosu // This "gosu" wasnt sarcastic. I said it cuz he made a triple kill. Joza100: lol Joza100: thought we gonna lose bcuz of you // Here I said that i thought we will lose cuz he picked vayne but he is actually carrying the game. It was actually more like "gj". Joza100: yea Joza100: had no mana Joza100: and cd Joza100: lol // My opponent told me to kill myself after we killed him so i just said a lol didn't know how to respond. Joza100: man u know i got banned for saying %%% // Here is the fun part. In my team chat, i said that i got banned for this and im gonna report him too. As i said, this %%% wasn't aimed at anybody. I just talked about the word. The system detected it and rip my acc. Joza100: gonna report him now hahah Joza100: i literally got 2 weeks Joza100: for %%% and some flame // again, talking to my friends in team chat. NOT aimed at anybody, Joza100: gg wp // gg wp That is basically it. I was banned automatically and i definitely think a riot employee should take a quick look at this and possibly get my account back. I got my two week ban because of being rude to a guy who was rude to me and telling all those things, and now, I stopped doing that i would just ignore or mute and that's it. Didn't see this coming. P.S. Riot, you could also take a look at the whole chat and see that enemy Jayce told me %%% and that he will report me, so, maybe he gets banned after all, cuz he was the toxic one here. Thanks for looking at this. Edit 1: I talked to an employee in the live chat. She said she understands where the issue is and she will send it to the player behavior team for a review. Said that there is no guarantee that it will work, but she understands the issue. So yea, now all I do is just hope that this will work and I will make a second edit when I get notified about something else. Edit 2: A pretty quick edit. No update at all yet. We will have to wait for the next day for them to answer. I just posted this so that you know that I didn't forget about updating. Edit 3: No. Riot support didnt care at all. I got my ticket answered with a guy explaining how he couldnt do anything. Is this for real? Why does riot support even exist when they cant even lift a suspension that is obviously a mistake? Have they ever lifted a single suspension instead of just saying they cant help? This is ridiculus. I have a second acc on 30 lvl or something but i am not going to buy champions again there now for sure. I replied and asked for a reason why i was banned. If he says that its the "%%%" which werent even aimed at anyone because its some 0 tolerance sh*t even when not aimed on anyone then goodbye. Edit 5: When asked for the exact chat logs where i was toxic, Riot didn't give me any chatlogs from the game that triggered it. They then went looking for chat logs in other games cuz they couldnt find any in the game that triggered my ban.. These are the only logs they could find and they were also from different games cuz they just couldn't admit that their system p%%%%ed up and helped me, but instead they looked for other reasons in other games to justify the ban haha. [9:51] [All] Vel'Koz: Fr? [9:53] [All] Vel'Koz: fr? [14:23] [All] Zoe: babysit [14:25] [All] Zoe: Fr [29:33] Vel'Koz: stop flaming our jungler its pointell // How is this toxic? Stop Flaming our jungler. TOXIC! [29:36] Vel'Koz: pointless* [42:46] [All] Vel'Koz: nope [42:55] [All] Vel'Koz: u'll see [44:16] [All] Vel'Koz: %%%% u pzi // Someone was provoking me and he prob got no ban and i get for this. [44:25] [All] Vel'Koz: ur mom Wp Riot this is a move that no one saw coming. Your punishment system and support is basically broken. Fix it soon pls.
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