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Hey guys! You might get a _"cry-post vibe"_ whilst reading this, but that certainly is not my purpose. I am curious about how the Riot punishing system works, because to me it appears to be not working at all. I just played a game and on my team I had 3 premades (top-mid-jg), and you guessed it, all 3 of them disconnected at a pretty early stage of the game. Miraculously, my adc and me managed to hold the game **for more than half an hour**, but what really pisses me off, is that they don't get ANY punishment for ruining a game by** disconnecting** (which they probably do quite frequently), but I had to create an **entirely new account**, just because I **didn't watch my language** on my old one. If somebody leaves the game they only get a **LeaverBuster Warning**, where you only have to say _"I Agree"_, and nothing happens to you, but if you dare to even attempt saying those 3 letters, (k,y & s) or even just being rude and hurting someone's fragile soul, you instantly get banned. But why? If someone's flaming you can just mute them with **ONE SINGLE CLICK**, but if someone leaves the game you cannot do anything... Why is flaming a bigger issue than leaving games? On my previous account I received **1250** reports for **Verbal Abuse** and **526** for **Hate Speech**, but only **26** for **Leaving the Game/AFK** (which meant despite being toxic I did indeed complete all games), while on the other hand I made **35** reports for **Verbal Abuse**, **27** for **Hate Speech** and **869** for **Leaving the Game/AFK.** What are your thoughts/experiences?

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