Toxicity, in game behaviour, bans etc.

Ok, hello everyone, first of all, I'd like to say that, if you're gonna read this and answer "git gud", "learn to play" or anything along those lines, please, remove yourself... For the past 15 or so games I've played in the ranked ladder I've had 8-9 games where someone in my team would start to either intentionally feed, trolling or going afk. It wasn't just one or two games, plenty of games... Now, my question is, riot almost 100% Bans people who are toxic in chat, believe me I know, I am to blame for that kind of thing, although I think I have mended those ways... anyway, why are these people, that just queue up to ruin games for others, not getting banned? When I report someone for very toxic chat behaviour, almost always I get the notifications thanking, or whatever, never do I get such a feedback when people are intentionally ruining games for others... I truly do not understand, why would you ban someone for being "toxic" on the internet, specially when you can mute them, but you won't ban people with this beahviour... I know you guys have your terms and policies, I've read them, and we're agreeing to not be toxic and not inting, etc. So, according to those policies, yes, toxic people should be banned, but the others are not. By now, that has turned into some sort of meme, but it is a fact. Now, I also do not understand why the system, that apparently does this, queues you with people with lower mmr, or elo, against people of higher mmr/elo, when you're in promos. I am not a god, nor am I a pro player, so sure, I don't derserve master, challenger, etc. But, if I am doing my job, on my role, I should be able to win more than 50% of the times, I don't understand this philosophy of having to "carry" bad teammates or "toxic" (be it chat toxic, or inting, or whatever), to be able to climb to a decent position... I really don't... Specially as a support player, you help your team mates, you do your job, heck, even outplay the enemy a lot of time, but you're not able to win, because either your team won't listen to the support that got them ahead or because you have people trolling and inting and afking... How am I suppose to carry, specially as a support, a team that has, essentially, one less player? And don't tell me to play "mage" supps that deal damage, it's the very same, what's the point of killing them one by one if you're useless when they team up? Don't use that argument, it's not an argument. Now, you might say, "if you're really good" it shouldn't be a problem", and you're right, but the amount of skill on macro and micro play necessary to carry, specially as a supp, is insane, it's on the levels of master or challenger play, not freaking plat or low diamond... I shouldn't have to be an "insane pro player" to win a plat 3 games on a team of people who do not want to win... Thank you for your time, WalkingWarrior
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