you guys need to chill

players should understand that if you're not a pro player or a full time streamer, playing league of legend is not your job ! climbing the rank ladder is not a matter of life and death ! CHILL !!! DUDE !!!! CHILL !!!! I've been playing this game for 8 years now and I admit I'm SUPER BAD AT THIS GAME, I've been hard stuck bronze, silver and gold for years and now after 8 years I understand that losing LP wont kill my carrier and gaining LP wont make me rich. try looking at this game like a game, accept the fact that sometimes your jungler sucks at the game and yeah you might lose a game because your ads doesn't know how to CS but remember when this game ends it should not effect on your mood for the rest of your day. you should not fight with your family because someone fed that {{champion:55}} on the enemy team. chill
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