No Season Rewards for Bad Behaviour

Ok, so this is pretty clear, there will be no 2015 season rewards for toxic players. This is good because it prevents toxicity in League. BUT I have one question though, how is someone classified as a bad player? I read that if you are chat restricted by the end of the season, you won't qualify for these lucrative rewards. Is it the same for low priority queue? I also just read that MMR Boosted accounts are losing ALL previous season rewards and are ineligible for 2015 season rewards. How this relates to me now is that I live in Egypt... a country where they randomly and without warning cut the power on its citizens due to extreme power usage by Air Conditioning units. I guess you can imagine why that is a problem. If you don't, then it means that sometimes, the power cuts as i am playing LoL, and when it comes back and i reconnect, I am put in low priority queue. I've gotten so used to this that I don't even mind waiting the 20 minutes anymore. In fact, as I am writing this, I am waiting for those 20 cursed minutes to pass by. The other thing is that I just got put into chat restricted mode... it will be the last time that ever happens again, I'll make sure of that -_- So, will I be ineligible for season rewards with these conditions? Chances are that I will finish my remaining 74 chat restricted games before the beginning of September. P.S. I just waited 20 minutes to get into a ranked match and it told me that I am ineligible to queue up for ranked for some reason... and the thing is that i literally JUST played a ranked match on chat restricted AND low priority queue without opening up chat to type anything except "Nasus ss." How long will this last? I need to get to gold...
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