was a ban for this deserved?

Game 1 In-Game Nhiire: need pull on red, doing 2 camps at once Nhiire: trynd's IQ as always high Nhiire: mid Nhiire: stop man Nhiire: useless Nhiire: for what Nhiire: u are useless Nhiire: its a fact Nhiire: who fed jax Nhiire: wp top Nhiire: i wouldnt give it to him Nhiire: how come Nhiire: im being rational Nhiire: blue is helping a player Nhiire: but ure not good enough Nhiire: to give u blue Nhiire: yes lux Nhiire: u can Nhiire: it will benefit our team Nhiire: the most Nhiire: killed by after shock Nhiire: damn Nhiire: box? Nhiire: wtf riot? Nhiire: u say to stop it? u just went 2v1 Nhiire: and lost for nothing Nhiire: report me for calling viktor useless Nhiire: news flash, he's useles Nhiire: he said its my opinion Nhiire: and opinion is flame Nhiire: nobody ask u to feed my game Nhiire: so dont play Nhiire: u ruin our game Nhiire: make us play for 2 ppl Nhiire: so ure basically saying Nhiire: that u will play shit on purpose Nhiire: in other words Nhiire: ure negative and inting Nhiire: mute Nhiire: what a selfish kid Post-Game Nhiire: viktor negative and troll

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