So, You Want To Set An Example? Then Follow The Summoner's Code! Stop Ignoring It!

The Summoner's Code
"[Teamwork] is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." -Andrew Carnegie While we all carry a diverse set of individual ambitions and expectations into a game of League of Legends, once we hit the Field we're a part of a team.
Go ahead and read it! I may be partly crazy, but understanding it, following it and sharing it will slowly make a **massive improvement on the whole community**. It's been abandoned, and left on the side of the road. Those quick to judgement don't even take a glimpse or know the code. It was made for you all to follow, and hold close to your heart when playing League of Legends! What kind of summoner are you? If you ain't staying true to a code you agreed to uphold! One thing I've noticed in loads of posts, is that a big percentage of you don't mention, or even use The Summoner's Code. It's not used to define a opinion or reflect what's happened. I know for a fact most players haven't read it. Sure you may have glimpsed upon it, read through bits and pieces quickly because it's load of writing. But you agree to follow the code when you accept the terms. It's mentioned in the agreement. **READ IT! FOLLOW IT! HOLD IT CLOSE TO YOUR HEART IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE! USE IT TO MAKE WISE JUDGEMENT UPON THOSE WHO HAVE BROKEN IT! LET IT BE KNOWN! NOT FORGOTTEN!**
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