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There are those summoners who have the know-how to help you step up your game and are always willing to share. If one of your teammates makes you feel like you're attending a master class on League of Legends, be sure to recognize him for being a helpful teammate.
The League of Legends "Honor System." It's a nice system, that lets you commend a player for friendly behaviour, helpful in learning about the game (A champion, what abilty to max, item build, masteries for another game, etc.), good teamwork and maybe even making an opponent feel like they did good. But, unfortunately, most LoL players have forgotten about, not the system, but to click the button and pick an award. A player might get a "gg wp nice carry" or "Good job! You did really well." in the all chat, or in the post game chat, but to really take the extra step to show how much you appreciate a carrying player, a good jungler, or a not toxic player, you honor them. But sadly, nearly no players in this community do this anymore. I'm not judging people from a minority of players that don't do it. I myself sometimes forget to honor a good carry that wasn't annoyingly arrogant *cough* {{champion:67}} *cough*. And I'm annoyed at myself for not doing it. I'm not the most experienced player, and the largest amout of honor I have gotten is 45 of the "teamwork" honor award. Now, it might sound like I'm just being salty because I'm not as honorable as other players, but I am not. I just think people should start honoring others again, as it's a really nice way of getting to know you did well. A pat on your head, or a compliment. Most of the time it really makes you smile and remember that it isn't the end of the world, no matter how mad you are after getting a lane as a {{champion:161}} against a GOD DAMN {{champion:268}} or {{champion:157}} and you loose horribly. But because you didn't say anything bad or salty in the game, and only made sure to try and lead your team to victory, even with your 0/7 score, you get a few teamwork honor awards. Maybe even a few friendly awards, if you were nice about it! I hope some people agree that we should start honoring again. And hey! If you get enough honor awards of specific kinds over a period of time, you might even get a ribbon to decorate your border with! Purrrty! I've stated my arguments. Tell me your opinions down below! Please do upvote if you deem this post worthy of notice. And be sure to honor! Thanks for reading. Good luck in your games!
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