Hate towards french community

Hey guys. We've been arguing on the french boards concerning that specific topic : why does the EUW players seem to flame french players more than others ? Long story short, as a Belgian (french is my native language tho) I suggested a few ideas : - Their english is pretty bad. - They are pretentious and arrogant (by reputation at least). - They've been committed in wars against most european countries. - Their politics inside and outside their country. - Expulsions of Romanians and also war zone's refugees while claiming to be the "human rights country" (and lecturing people about it now and then). No need to say this was not warmly welcomed. ^^ So, the questions are : - Have you seen/take part in french bashing IG ? - Is this related to french's behaviour IG or does it come from outside the game (politics, contacts IRL and so on) ? - Do you have one specific example of grievance ? Thank you in advance !
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