Why enemy jungler ganked n times and your jungler never ganked? There is an explanation.

Because enemy jungler had n opportunities to gank and your jungler didnt had any. The only reason why jungler ganks lane is when it's profitable, chance to get kill, force enemy to burn summoner spells or beat him hard enought so he will be forced to go back to base or play SUPER DEFENSIVELY. But if ganking your lane is not profitable, jungler will just waste time what he can use to get objectives/farm/gank other lanes. --- So first of all, Dont push your lane and dont overextend. When enemy hugs turret, your jungler wont get anything from appearing on your lane but the other jungler has a reason to gank you because, you overextended so there is a high chance to succesfully gank you. Second, jungler wont gank lane if enemy has alot of kills advantage (Except when jungler is also fed as hell), its almost impossible to succesfully gank {{champion:420}} having with 5/0/5 and 3 levels advantage. Third if you are not willing to cooperate with jungler when he ganks, be sure he wont gank again (Seriously but when your jungler ganks, dont stay far away leaving your jungler alone, the best you can do is to bait your enemy laner so he use some of his bigger cc and dashes). --- thank you
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