6 year old account got banned. Health reasons.

I am 21 years old, and I recently lost my last relative, that was my sister. I've been playing league since alpha 2009, but then, created a new account in 2010, when I was still in school, in Lithuania, Klaipeda. This game is special to me in every way, it helped me make friends, have fun, enjoy myself while being a teenager, and just have fun when I can. I was never toxic before, just played and had fun with people, gosh, I even had 1500 ELO in season 1, that was fun. I had skins like Championship Riven, the Icon from Season 2 Worlds that I got at 5AM while watching, entering the link, and getting the code for that Icon. I've played the game for a very long time, I got into university after I finished school, went to Scotland, Glasgow to study Computer Games Design. But after 2 years, I dropped out for some time. I had depression and Anorexia, my girlfriend of 3 years left me. I tried to build a life of my own, and the only one who I had left was my sister. Our parents passed away when I was still little. No grandparents, every other relative lived somewhere in Russia, we didn't know where. My sister tried to find em, but nothing. I used to go to a therapist for council, to calm my mind. I shut myself inside, not going out. I have no friends here. The only people I talk to are my high school friends. 4 Weeks ago, I lost my sister to Glioma, she was 35. I'm left alone now. I became mad, nervous, I don't know what to do. I'm trying to get back to my third year in University, where I left off. I am 174CM tall, and I weight 48 Killograms. The only one I have left is my cat "Boogie", I live alone now. Today I logged in to play a game with my high school friends, we are scattered all around the EU because everyone went to different countries to study. I was really toxic to our top laner in ranked, and got permanently suspended. (really toxic, could not handle it anymore) I know everything about being nice to people, I was never mad to anyone because of what I experience when I was little. This was my last warning, and ban, in 6 years, since the account was created. It is packed with memories, feelings, and joy for me. It has sentimental meaning to me. This account means a lot to me, because when I created it and played, I was still living with my sister. She gave me everything I needed so I can build a life for myself. I will leave some pictures of myself, to show, that I am not a bad person. Thank you for reading this, and for your time. [These are pictures of me an my cat, for anyone who is interested.](http://imgur.com/a/Ktu6a)
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