Why did I get a 14 DAY SUSPENSION and then suddenly a PERMABAN on the same day???

Hello :( Yesterday in the evening I played 3-4 Matches of league after quite a Long break. I found a site on Instagram called "cuptensleaguecomics" and I found it really funny. Especially the language he uses. He wirtes stuff lke "%%%" or "fondle%%%%s" instead of fiddlesticks and so on. So I entered a game saying "hrey %%%s" hoping for a funny answer of the enemy Team in both games. In the first game I got many funny answers and we were calling each other "fizzyboi" or "%%%ora" etc... I don't have the text of that Chat anymore because it was quite late yesterday. Because I found the conversation I had in that game with the enemy Team quite amusing I proceeded to Play another one and tried to have the same fun I had with my previous Team in hopes that they find that language funny or think I'm a dumb 12 year old kid because I Kind of love the reactions of People when u write something like "rekt %%%" or so. After the last game I got a message saying I'm suspended for 14 days :/. I thought "whatever" I guess I wont say anything like that anymore but then when I logged in today I got the message that I was PERMABANNED? Like 18-19 hrs after I got the message that I got 14 day suspended? I think that the System filters words like "%%%" "ez" "rekt" more than "KILL YOURSELF" or stuff thats written out :/. And is it really possible that they can ban me without me trying to behave better after a 14 day Suspension ? :/ Here is the text of the 2nd game. The "DIE DIE DIE" was when everybody was very low of the enemy Team. **And I really Hate how you cant see the text from other People in the game it would explain very much.** Stuff like "Juyce" was written on purpose just like "bish don" "T" (Quote from the Vid where Yassuo called Pokimane a %%%%% and she responded like that). **Like everything I say was Kind of like in the Comics from "cuptensleaguecomics" (and Kind of sounds like a really stupid 12 year old that can't speak english at all lol) <-- but thats what I Kind of find funny ... **I'm quite sure that I wont get my acc back which makes me very, very sad especially because that was a "One time Thing". Game 1 ConcruZzer: hrey %%%s ConcruZzer: bish don ConcruZzer: t ConcruZzer: push near my tower ConcruZzer: omg plis ConcruZzer: rekt jayceiboii ConcruZzer: lee son pls ConcruZzer: stahp bully zed ConcruZzer: omg %%%star ConcruZzer: feck off ConcruZzer: OMG ConcruZzer: %%%STAR ConcruZzer: me rek u now dumb %%% ConcruZzer: REKT %%%STAR ConcruZzer: JUYCE ConcruZzer: OMG %%%ITS ConcruZzer: DIE ConcruZzer: DIE ConcruZzer: DIE ConcruZzer: u gonna lose ConcruZzer: I pomise ConcruZzer: WHAT ConcruZzer: OMG JAYCE ConcruZzer: %%%% OFF ConcruZzer: holy shit this cc ConcruZzer: im useless ConcruZzer: i need to splitpuh ConcruZzer: %%% ConcruZzer: dont die pls ConcruZzer: OMFG ConcruZzer: OMFG ConcruZzer: OMFG ConcruZzer: stop dying so early ConcruZzer: u tryhards ^^ ConcruZzer: like look at that zed and lee ConcruZzer: and especially Jayce ^^ ConcruZzer: u counter me so hard lol ConcruZzer: noobs Examples for the Comics from "cuptenslaeguecomics": https://p6.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43400/bPBNVq5PgP0ki1d4iCaBEZXTz?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..oFbv5OsowmNMK7C70KmciQ._c-PlRZHhBTveE9Vnt6P0lFF2CqKkXOOwtyFO76uegBOqIvPGT1DhP3klmmTUQwJo0JkpryQmGKZMf-zLTbL0nPXRZUoPv9XusWTuPIj4cUzIr9q2gqyx-esJBSM_9nqXxfXmP2qfRLK_ePJVexmSZ9jpO61r03amepjUGZgDjstMfxk4RlHu-WqSEYe_87pF_nprDxvZq3-_QE1IhGYOtxwFHrNmnDjEHxRGB3A3donkYz0AhcIs_B26FIayA0RI138no3PIj1Urz_PsqFu3dbgZIzBXGG6U7FtH59C25A.Z4U4BIMJaq0H_L0i118ehQ https://p6.zdusercontent.com/attachment/43400/g4xbdtczgwbJp9RoICGoEJiDR?token=eyJhbGciOiJkaXIiLCJlbmMiOiJBMTI4Q0JDLUhTMjU2In0..QTrQ2d-90slpJaoDWPgHAg.0fSWgQFj5CyOOAcRFxFkTohUjnQUBtWeEBBCCqm1ZtEG7K4tSQYH50n4IRHUlRzIP9W2X6F5Iqaf9AlIeG-vFPGPIqTINN2e-_gI4XX0SSh-nFQeGXucTmKd06OE8iMjIyC8rsnIaN_JxpDQXgxvGWq0qms689RkGBVS_RkHY-GpojB9hGeeo2B1rM5cKIbFTqUOvxWlM1CFg1luRKF1kYtfDKS7T6djBY6ArNB1DJxi1e7IRXyye35QfSGog9aAoyGOsr0xn2hsQjJ4hCUbxobdhiSWlR3rQ298MQpXnIk.PfCFZn9GE4eyz_1_QxkDpQ https://www.instagram.com/p/BbMSOO5D6E6/?taken-by=cuptensleaguecomics
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