Reports for Offrole

I play a Draft Game before and pick Mid/Adc and they place me on jungle. I never play jungle before, u can see that on my stats, and i said on champ select that if some1 can swap lines and none talks. I dont have all the champs and enemy ban most of the champs that i have on jungle, so I play shaco because i play him before on top. When the game start (more or less on min 4) ADC go AFK for a ragequit (she int into enemy tower). Enemy jungle start to take all our camps, so i said to the team that i need a little bit of help. When we were on min 15 i was 0/0/1 and mid start to flame (I think that u already know what he said) and he report me because he said that i fed. We end the game because we were one less on min 22 and he start to flame all of us and said again that its all my fault and he report me. I end 1/2/2, I know that isnt good but I had enemy counterjungle me and i never play that. Can he report me for that or not?
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