I want more positive players!

Hello everyone! Negative Behaviour is a big problem! So recently I have been playing a League game in ranked and prioritized Mid Primary and Top Secondary. I got top which I want to learn and since I think normals do not learn me anything but having fun and I wanna improve my skills in ranked games. I simply can't play without having to discuss with these guys! What I see ingame is this Vayne being so harassing against me and our Yasuo. I myself think I am a positive player aslong as people do not piss me off or that I am having a bad day, and so i stay of ranked! My point in this thread is that I wanna see more of you positive players out there! Playing to improve, learn and have fun! Not just to gain ELO without taking notes of what they do wrong, not flaming about being the worst Kayle Toplane ever and lastly being able to accept people with DC, being Idiot, having a bad day, feeding people etc. If you get me right you are a positive player like me! And I wanna play with you and see you in my games on the EUNE server! I make this thread because of all the negative stuff that happens in my games and I just can't stop argueing for why it is okay to learn something new. Thanks to the people who read and understood me! It means alot! And if any Riot employee is reading this! I hope you are aware of what is happening in the league games and how people react! I try to share moments as much as possible! Just punish people if they are rude... that is my opinion! And I would like to see a "Higher Priority queue" for people who make an effort in this game and become a positive player for safe games to have fun and try out new stuff! Feel free to share your opinion below and let's have a discussion! -Dismana Europe Nordic and East
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