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I don't know if someone notice ,but the most easy lane to advance is somehow support , if you catch good players ,you almost all time win the games , i really try to understand how some boosted players still have that luck to find me as adc and carry the bot lane while they play horrible . I don't want to be mean , but from my experience there are lot's of support players who takes wins without to deserve .. . There is more deeper game unbalanced , if i can't even thrust some autofill support players ,now i can't thrust or relay now neither on main support players , because i don't know why but there is always a huge gap between my knowdledge and how the support next to me should make the plays , i am really concerned that game promote the unskill right now , cause the support players who make 1/8/8 with leona have low vision score ,no know to hit enemys with skills , like i was trade a lot as adc vs a draven and karma , and i was trading good but he was like having mercy for enemy so he let them to farm , that's the problem i want to punish hard enemy while i can't do that while there is almost all time unexperienced supports players , when i have the luck to hit autofill or i go of myself to play support , i do my best and still isn't enought , it's really difficult to understand what missing this game , cause when you play a position something else happen , when you take another position something else happen ,is a little bit weird , i no assume that i can't have bad plays ,but when i see someone who suicide enemy tower and destroy all my early gameplay cause after he die , i die by myself too .. ,and then after i started bad in early i see some players calling me bad adc player ... ,yeah is perfectly normal to call me bad adc while there is no anymore high potential start as adc... on bot ,cause 2 kills for enemy is like 600 gold ,who dosn't do something with that as adc... In my opinnion being support should feel more challenging too ,why a bad support takes good adc , and a good support sometimes take bad adc players , i am really trying to focus on this aspect cause always there is a miss balance between the players ,and if you don't have a common base then ofc nothing good will exit from that , but if you start just with basic stuffs you can build yourself over time in a game , when you start with almost nothing ,like an adc who dosn't know to poke enemy , to basic , farm while you base etc... then of course you have a disadvantage if enemy supp and adc doing better synergy and work togheter .... And the most annoying thing i notice on support players , sometimes they just take themself and go base ... , like they no give a f1241 that you miss xxx gold for bf sword or smth like that ... , is not all the time the case of hp , or mana ... , they just go ahead to take items... ,like it helps to leave adc alone rather than recall same time with it..
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