Should banning team intents be allowed in low elo?

I main Yasuo. I am in silver. 80 percent of my games, Yasuo is banned. 50 percent of the game where he is not banned by the enemy team, he is banned on my team despite me picking intent. The people that ban Yasuo in my team are always trolls and try to wind me up. A lot of people in this elo don't take the game seriously/ try to rank up. I know that banning your teammates champ could be for the better but in low elo it it is used mainly for trolling or extremely bad players who ban Yasuo because their 'last Yasuo fed'. I don't enjoy any other champion anymore. This means in ranked I can only enjoy like 3 of every 10 games! Banning team mates champions should only be in a higher elo stage or not in the game altogether. Another reason for this is because on countless occasions, my champ has been banned accidentally by the team who 'didn't see' and this happens very often with Yasuo as everyone hates going against Yasuo in this elo. Get rid of this ban option, it doesn't make any sense for this elo who don't take the game seriously.
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