Game is literally unplayable with these many afk players.

Riot games is so incompetent they can't even handle their afk's right. I hit silver II on a new account, and the moment I hit the tier, I get three afk's in a row. I am currently sitting in silver II 40 LP with my last two games having had an afk each, and in the game prior to that my opponent's team did. These aren't players who don't connect but players who disconnect halfway. Edit : Played my third match in a row and guess what? Another %%%%ing AFK. Riot, what are you doing about these afks? Are you'll attempting to fix this even? Riot needs to double down on the punishment and actually suspend players for going afk or restrict them to a set amount of normal matches after one's disconnected. Go take a look at how Dota 2 handles it's punishment systems and perhaps copy actually useful features from them.

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