Trolls and bansystem broken

Honeslty this game is a big joke atm, there are so many trolls out there ruin game experiance and the chance of winning completely. Im not a challengerplayer or sayign im the (best) but im a mid plat player atleast. Atm ive been playing some silver and im actually trying to win but its just impossible, i almost uploaded it on tube when i (no kidding) got 8 games in a row with REAL int feeders, afks, aramed accounts, first time league etc in Gold promo. It just didnt stop i continued to get a bunch of trolls in almost everygame whioch made it impossible to play no matter how good i preform its just instalose. The game starts and 2 team mm8s dead,, at 4 minutes bot are 0/3/0 EACH., at 9 minutes theyre 0/7/0, then adc go afk and support raging and start feed other lanes and there i am trying to focus my game to (win) eh??? Im not even mad im just saying this system is ruined, it makes no sence to get pple like this in silver 1-gold5 who basicly play liek its its a 2 year old kid smashing the buttons. Ive reported endlessly pple who inting and trollign but nothing is happening?? Ive hade guys with 0/17/0 , 2/14/1 for like 7-10 games with wrong summs and trollbuild and they just cont to play with no punishment?? This is plain %%%%%%ed for real,, how can you really have a automatic bansystem who ONLY banning flamers ?? You walways same the same thing (flamign wont change their behavior) yes youre right but insetad of ban flamers ban the pple who actually destroing the games for pple who actually want to play and have fun try win the games?? You can say whatever you want, get better etc etc, get a duo partner bla bla but it dosent change the fact that Riot is digging their own grave with all of these trollers. The game just sucks so hard and its ZERO skilled involed atm its just a coinflip if you get a normal team or not. Im done with this game now (for real) this game is out of hand and nothing with skill involved and brackets means nothing. your system is so broken when it comes to punish the right people so its discusting and i know im not alone about this issue and trust me if you dont focus on these problems your game with just end up with kids playing and a clownfiesta while more seriousl players moving on to better game with a system not allowing trollers to play the game.
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