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I am done playing this game after 3 years of learning the game and following streamers and watching videos on how to improve.I had my fair share of good moments and a bigger share on the bad ones.The came has become toxic in a level that i have never seen in a video game before whether it's in ranked or normals or even aram and of course urf i didn't believe it at first but yes people actually flame each other in urf. I have created this theory that climbing in ranked is based on whether your team is good or not.yes i know you will give me that pro players crap that it's always your fault not your team's.And trust me i believed them for quite some time until i tried to get to diamond. My experience was horrible in ranked in the last season.A lot of flamers and trollers and rage quitters.i was on a 9 loss streak.So i decided to troll because why not.###k solo queue i latterly went cleanse ghost garen top.i had a good team. so i won although i was getting flamed for trolling but it was understandable.i have been in there place but i don't flame the trollers i stay focused on my game and try to win which makes it frustrating when you lose. When i played a lucian game and had 24 kills i still lost.Yes i know you will tell me hey dude you had 24 kills and you still lost you can't carry it's your fault.my mid and top and jungler all lost control and died several times and i was fed in bot.when we reached mid game i was able to get kills and objectives but we were losing slowly since the enemy mid was a zed and was one shotting me every fight so there was nothing i can do in team fights and they ended up winning. The point is it doesn't matter if u r good or bad if u have a good team u will win if u don't well it's "unfortunate" and most likely your fault because you didn't get you wand out and magically carried the game solo. I have linked the last game i played and will play u can check it out and check the game before it.i lost even though i was doing well and was getting flamed by 3 people on my team for not ganking all the lanes and not getting drakes as well. i will try to find a way to upload this full game and will request the full chat log from riot games as a favor for a +4000 hours player. This game has become incredibly toxic and unplayable and the only way to enjoy it is to get 4 friends to play it with u and all 5 of u r connected on a call to talk to each other and laugh just like sp4zie and CG :D.As for solo queue it's just unplayable and not enjoyable what so ever getting flamed by people and trolled and people who afk and then it's your fault for not winning.
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