Solo Q nowadays is a living NIGHTMARE! I can't be the only one?

Meanwhile in EUNE: ..I don't understand why. I play with champions I've mastered pretty well, mostly support or jungle to help my team. I never flame, nor call anyone names. I simply try to help them the best I can. When my enemy team are picked to be extremely OP (or so I thought) my team on the other hand are as if coming straight from Wood Division. They flame at each other all the time, they troll or go afk, they go 1v5 and immidiately die, feeding the enemies and when they're too fed, they make my game a living hell. I'm supposed to have fun playing this game, but now it's like a test on my nerves. And this situation repeats itself game after game, day after day, week after week. Now my match history consists mainly defeats and I'm tired of it. Is it Rito trolling me or something? Why me with such teammates? Why me against OP enemies? I don't get it. Is anyone experiencing this as well?
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