ok i think that riot does a decent job regarding getting rid of toxic players. considering the extent of how many players there are, its an impossible task, but i'm wondering if anyone has any idea how they could maybe do it better? i am referring to the morons that yell "report" every 2 seconds when you do badly. like if you are a jungler and the enemy are tracking your every movement but your team are not warding or following or anything, you have no chance but to get screwed over, so then they shout "report" and it pretty much ruins your day. can we not boycott these morons. i mean if someone feels my behaviour is reportable then they can make that choice themselves, they don't need some kid yelling "report" to make their mind up do they? also can they go on like a weeks intensive course to force them to understand what "inting" means. that's a legit idea btw. serial reporters for "inting" should go on a course so that understand that being camped, or having a bad game is not "inting". they should have to answer a quiz before they get their account back
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