Got a 14 day ban, should i be worried?

Hello guys, Yes i admit i was wrong in that game, i cursed, it was deserved (maybe not 14 days...but w/e). But now i am even scared of saying "gg wp" if we win cause the enemy team will just report out of rage cause they lost... Really don't want to get perma-ban. I never use the chat now cause of this, don't get reported for saying "gg"... How should i be worried about these rage reports? Do they count? What will happen if i get a ban out of nothing? I promise i don't use the chat...Don't really know how and what to say to my team... even if i say you should better take tank top, people say "report #this for flame"... seriously...{{item:3070}} I am muting everyone in the game... or don't say anything... that is bad also... this is not like fair judgement to be afraid to use the chat or mute everyone so you won't get reported by raged people because they lost. I am pretty sure that people are getting reported even if they don't say anything or do something, just because the enemy lost... So how much should i be worried? Also i am seeing players all the time using extensive cursing to all, impersonating RIOT accounts... and nothing happens to them... yes ok i report them... but then what? I cursed once got 14 day ban and now afraid to even say "gg" and these people use death threats, they troll, they say i have riot protected account, they wish deceases and nothing... {{item:3070}}
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