How should I have handled this?

This turned out badly. While I'm not responsible for others, I am responsible for myself, so I'd like to know what I did wrong... So that I can improve and not repeat the same mistakes later? This is what happened. I was {{champion:12}} supp. [As per OP.GG]( I chose {{summoner:4}} &{{summoner:14}} . Also I start with {{item:3302}} . At the beginning of the game ADC pings my {{summoner:14}} repeatedly, I am worried but I ignore this. We take a kill on bot. The kill went to me: I {{summoner:14}}'d enemy ADC and this killed them when they were running away.I died from enemy supp & tower seconds later. Our jg starts flaming our ADC, I'm not sure why. They say ADC didnt help me, but I dont think my ADC could do anything. Another clash on bot: Again, I take a kill. It wasn't intentional - my E finished enemy supp. Our ADC starts flaming me bc "I always ks". I try to defend myself saying that the first kill wasn't a KS bc if I didnt Ignite enemy ADC they would escape. Our ADC keeps flaming me for "2 ks". Our jg continues flaming our ADC. I use my {{item:3401}} to kill a few minions on our lane. Our ADC tells me to "NOT TOUCH THEIR MINIONS". * Were they angry bc I executed the minions from high health and pushed the lane? I don't think so bc they were pushing the lane hardly themselves. * So I assumed they didnt know how {{item:3302}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3401}} works. I try to explain it to them. Sadly, typing this takes time - and I couldnt focus on playing and typing at the same time. I didnt help them, they died. Our ADC flames me. Our jg flames our ADC. Our ADC flames me AND our jg. Jg will continue flaming our ADC till the end of the game. ADC will continue flaming jg and me till the end of the game. Worse, our ADC leaves bot as soon as they respawn. They go top / mid "bc they can't play with me". I leave bot as well - there's no one there, and as {{champion:12}} I try to never be alone, but always where there is at least one other teammate. But at this point I'm tilted and annoyed. So I start playing badly. Our mid flames me for playing badly. We're more and more behind. Ppl vote for early surr but there's always one vote against. I assume it was jg bc they were saying in chat to "NEVER surrender!" But min 22 the surr vote finally passes. What were my mistakes? What could I've done better? * Wrt the first KS - I'm watching the replay right now. I can't see how could I have yielded the kill to our ADC. I {{summoner:14}}'d enemy ADC as soon as I jumped in to help. I jumped in to help as soon as our ADC cc'd enemy ADC so I figured out we could try to go for a kill. * OK I didn't jump in to help as soon as I could. Still not everything is muscle memory for me, it took time for my brain to process if I should jump in or not. * Digression: One mistake is that I didn't {{summoner:4}} in time. If I did, I wouldn't have died from enemy supp seconds later. * Digression: I know the usual advice is to {{summoner:14}} enemies as soon as I engage them, so that the chances of the kill going to the ADC and not to me are greatest. I don't always follow that advice because when we're just engaging we don't always know which enemy champ we'll eventually try to kill and which we will have to allow to escape. So I may only {{summoner:14}} as soon as this becomes clear, which may be whole seconds "too late". * Wrt the second KS - In principle, our ADC was "right" in that the kills should go to the ADC and not supp. But most clashes are pretty heated. Then I try to first and foremost WIN this clash, and not die. This meas I do tend to unleash all I got, and sometimes this means I take a kill when in theory I shouldn't. Yes - I think if I didn't E we would still win this clash and the kill would go to our ADC. But to recognize that "I don't need to E to win this clash, and I shouldn't E bc if I E the kill may go to me and not to ADC" and to process this on time is above my level of proficiency. So my approach is to first and foremost care about winning the clash or escaping a loosing battle in time (before I die), NOT ensuring the kill goes to whoever it should go. * Did my ADC really not know {{item:3302}} {{item:3097}} {{item:3401}} works? I find it surprising. They are WELL above lv 30 and Silver, not Bronze. So my assumption may have been wrong. But then again, why did they tell me to "NEVER TOUCH THEIR MINIONS"? * Maybe it really was bc I was executing the minions from too high health? My excuse for this is that only rarely I see ADCs that honor my {{item:3401}}'s share of farm. They do happen, but most often I have to compete against my ADC to get this share. And since I'm {{champion:12}}, usually my only chance to get this share is to execute these minions as soon as I can. This became muscle memory already. * Should I have stayed bot when our ADC left bot? But I can't imagine how could I have defended this bot alone and most of {{champion:12}}'s usefulness can only be harvested in the presence of other champs - especially if I already have items like {{item:3401}}. * Still, I guess theoretically leaving the bot open was griefing and maybe I really did have to stay there... * It was definitely a weakness of mine that I became tilted and annoyed. It is true that I should be more tiltproof and able to play at my best regardless of stuff of this kind. Thoughts? What could I've done better?
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