Muted players should be muted in post-game screen. Agree?

Hey everyone, (If I'm missing information about announcements regarding the same or a similar option that is in development and/or upcoming in the future, don't go hard on me for placing this "already answered" topic) It's always been like this.. You mute a player in-game because of his/her/it's toxic behavior. You can already feel the flames entering your brains when you see the victory/defeat screen on your monitor. As soon as you've honored, or not honored someone, you need to get out ASAP to not get affected/tilted by the flames of the previously muted player.. Honestly, I think that ruins the sportsmanship in the game to a certain amount. You are not able to congratulate sportsmanlike players from that game without seeing the horrible flames/spams of that particular toxic player in the post-game screen. So my question is, and I think I'm not the only one demanding this option, is there a possibility to create a mute option in the post-game screen too? So you can unmute/mute players and have a nice little chat without getting distracted by toxic players. Ofcourse the option should be linked to the in-game preference, so if a person was muted in-game, he/she/it stays muted in post-game screen. Thankyou everyone for spending your time reading this, hopefully someone of Riot will read it too. EDIT: I don't know if this is the right board to post this, but I thought this was the board that had the most in common.
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