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Yasuo Hater
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Hello, I am Zovers, a casual player and Yasuo onetrick. Yasuo's gameplay perfectly suits my personality and conception of fun therefore I onetrick him. I'm playing this game for 3 years now and recently my gameplay experience and quality have decreased a lot. **My Situation** I want to play Yasuo every game therefore I always hover him. Recently my hovered Yasuo intentionally gets banned out by my own team on a daily basis. It makes me very angry and sad every time and I don't know how to deal with it. I'm also very afraid of recieving a penalty for it. Because every time I can't other than confronting the wrongdoer. I don't ever insult and only want them to know that it's not justified to ban out someone else's champion based on own antipathy towards it. Sadly very often this ends in the how I call them 'Yasuo Haters' telling everypone in all-chat or post lobby to report me for being toxic, as you can see in the linked screenshot. **Why Yasuo is hated:** You can watch it everywhere; in everyday situations as well as in big companies - people have a thesis that manifests in their mind, in the following they proudly accept every sign that speaks for it and ignore every sign that speaks against it. Charles Darwin discovered this 180 years ago and therefore when he had a thesis he always kept searching for so called 'disconfirming evidence'. Applied on LoL this means that people remember everytime a Yasuo -(player) performs poorly but ignore or down talk it when a Yasuo carries the game. Human beings also tend to weight negative facts more than positive ones; when you lose a game you are more annoyed than you are happy when you win one. In addition to this Yasuo is a very popular champion meaning a lot of players will pick him. He also is a snowball champion which means that you will notice it when he loses lane by him having many deaths (does not matter in late game by the way). He is very item dependent, has hard to land cc and is pretty squishee even with windshield and -wall making it hard for him to come back when behind. Besides that he also has a very bad image which could be connected with the champion's overall appearance in game - deep voice, quick, (annoying) and aggressive gameplay. Similar applies to Riven, Jayce, Darius, Teemo etc. But other champions with aggressive gameplay that have a less brutal image and appearance such as Lulu, Zyra, Caitlyn, Nidalee get a lot less hate in the community: Riven makes aggressive dashes, jumps around and screams -> toxic champion, toxic player Lulu bullies you with strong autos and denies your damage but is a 'cute yordle sorceress' -> harmless, cute champion, lovely player **You are asked** Do you have any ideas what we can do to make Yasuo less hated and my experience as a Yasuo main enjoyable? Do you agree or disagree with my explanation and why? Would you add something? Last season, Yasuo was my most played champion with a winrate of 60% in 100+ games. I love this champion and just want to enjoy him. Thank you very much for reading this, I really appreciate your engagement and help! :) Any feedback, experience and opinion is appreciated!
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