This is for movie hahahahhahah

Okay i had some luck i must to say i got 17 wins in row on solo duo until i play game as janna and got firts time nidale. I didnt say nothing on start but he went on bot to diving lucian and start to feed i tell him to %%%% off. We lose the game, so my friend say lets play again and i told him about what happens than with this nidale and we start. From alt acc that nidale come in and pick kassa jungle with cleanse and ghost without smite saying that he trolls because of me ! Do you belive what a coincidence is that ? Same guy with many acc again with me in team with another account to troll me ? Is this deserve ban ? His first acc : Second acc : He only lose games, and what he wins idk how with this scores. How is this possible for someone to be plat 2 or 1 ? Heres the screenshots from second game : 1 2 3 4 What you think about this, tell me your opinion :D

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