Unfair Perma Ban

Good day. I have decided to come here and voice my thoughts because Riot support refuses to offer any support or consideration. I have been perma banned for Hacking and Scripting, something I have only seen on youtube. I dont deny it was done on my account, but IT WASNT ME who was doing it. My Grandfather passed away this week but has been really sick for the passed 3 months, this is relevant because I was hardly online during this time. If I had known someone got ahold of my account details, I would of changed it. But that isnt even being considered and I am being told that the ban wont be lifted. I even said reset my account but just leave me at level 30 and let me keep the stuff I bought. Why would I buy RP for an account that I didnt care about. I am a real gamer who values fair play above everything else. SO why is it that when you ask for support you get none, when you give reasons they arent considered? I said I will fight this and take it as far as I can because this means alot to me as I have poured my heart and soul into my account and I have played legitimately for the passed 3 years! It is so unfair that I must be punished for basically being hacked and my account being stolen and RIOT cares a damn about what I even have to say about it. I can show the emails I have sent begging them to reconsider only to be told that their decision is final. What happened to the player tribune? What happened to us players having a voice and being given a chance to prove ourselves? If I could, id send my Laptop in and you could scan it to see I have never hacked LOL and never will!!! Can someone please help me to get my account back?
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