Riot fix this i am done playing ranked until this come's!

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So it was a normal day. I was going to play some ranked, so i got in a match and everything was going good. We won every lane and were dominating. Then this sh*t of a sona in our team first gave first blood, keeps suiciding and around 30 minuts she go afk. We held it 15 minuts then the enemy ended. We did way more dmg and the game was trown cus this sona. Afterwards sona was back, she was talking sh*t in the end screen. I got demoted to silver 3 because this sona! I was silver 5. Clomb to silver 2 almost 1. And im back in 3. Im for real done with this sh*t why dont i get loss prevented? Riot fix your sh*t im realy done with ranked. Thank you for reading and i hope riot will improve this....
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